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Please read the general access conditions for the Fairy Cave Quarry Caves.

The cave is closed from 1st October to 30th April to protect the hibernating bats. NB the recently dug out crawl near the entrance of Hillier's has been seen to sump up very quickly due to the run off from the quarry floor. Bear in mind that the squeeze that links Hillier's to Fairy is tight so that it possible to become trapped in Hillier's. It is possible to open the Hillier's gate from the inside without a key.

The Fairy Cave Quarry Management Committee administers the access to this cave on behalf of the quarry owners. Access is open to bona fide caving clubs. All cavers visiting the cave must have adequate public liability insurance, such as the BCA's.

The quarry has been fenced and gated by the owner. The gate is fitted with a combination lock and the number is available from the major Mendip Clubs. Please keep the gate locked.

A locked car park is provided for visiting cavers. The key is available from the major Mendip Clubs. You are asked to make use of this facility rather than parking on the road since the road is narrow and despite its appearance, takes a lot of 38ton lorry traffic.

An alternative option is to park at the Cerberus Hut, half a mile up the hill, for a small goodwill fee. Be sure to let them know you are leaving your car. There have not been any reported car break-ins but you should always remove valuables from display anyway.

Last modified 19th Jun 2023.
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To maintain good relations with the landowners if the location is published the access information should also be published.