The CSCC holds keys for:
- Attborough Swallet
- Brown's Folly Mine
- Chardswell Cave
- Compton Martin Ochre Mine
- Coral Cave
- Cuckoo Cleeves
- Five Buddles Sink
- Hobnail Hole
- Loxton Cave
- Loxton Quarry Cave
- Nettle Hole
- Priddy Green Sink
- Singing River Mine
- Sludge Pit
- Snake Pit Hole
- Star Shaft Mine
- Stock Hill Mine Cave
- Stocks House Shaft
- Thrupe Lane Swallet
- Ubley Warren Pot
- Viaduct Sink
- West Twin Brook Adit

Althought it doesn't control access the CSCC also holds keys to:
- Blackmoor Swallet (Stainsby's Shaft)
- Fairy Cave Quarry Car Park
- Hillier's Cave

After negotiations between the CSCC and the landowners it was agreed that CSCC member clubs could hold keys.

The major key holders are the ACG, BEC, CSS, MCG, MNRC, SMCC and WCC. Arrangements should be made with one of these clubs to borrow keys. In case of difficulty contact the CSCC Conservation and Access Officer.

Last modified 19th Jun 2021.
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To maintain good relations with the landowners if the location is published the access information should also be published.