Caves fitted with standard CSCC lock.

Attborough Swallet
Axbridge Hill Cavern
Balch Cave
Blackmore Swallet (Stainsby's Shaft)
Chardswell Cave
Compton Martin Ochre Mine
Conning Tower Cave
Coral Cave
Cow Hole (currently closed)
Cuckoo Cleeves
Eighteen Acre Swallet
Fairy Cave Quarry Car Park
Five Buddles Sink
Hillier's Cave
Hobnail Hole (alternative entrance to Thrupe Lane Swallet)
Loxton Cave (both entrances)
Loxton Quarry Cave
Maesbury Swallet
Priddy Green Sink
Sludge Pit Hole
Snake Pit Hole
Spider Hole (currently closed)
Star Shaft Mine (currently closed pending fitting of new gate)
Stock Hill Mine Cave
Stocks House Shaft
Thrupe Lane Swallet
Ubley Warren Pot (both entrances) (currently closed)
Ubley Warren Reserve (Somerset Wildlife Trust) (all mine entrances)
Viaduct Sink
Waterwheel Swallet
West Twin Brook Adit
Windsor Hill Flood Sink 1
Windsor Hill Flood Sink 2

Please note that individual caves, although often unrestricted, may have some particular access requirements and the relevant entry in the Access Guide should be consulted before visiting any of these caves.

By agreement with the landowners, keys are held by and available by arrangement from CSCC member clubs.

The major key holders are the ACG, BEC, CSS, MCG, MNRC, SMCC and WCC. Arrangements can be made with any of these clubs to borrow keys. In case of difficulty contact the CSCC Conservation and Access Officer.

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To maintain good relations with the landowners if the location is published the access information should also be published.