ST 51963 56764


Following another change of ownership it has been possible to renegotiate access to Cow Hole and the cave is now available for visits.

There is no requirement to call on the owner, however the following procedure must be followed.

The cave is gated and locked with 2 CSCC standard padlocks.

The entrance is located in the field one removed from the road on the western side. Park neatly on the verge in Ubley Drove taking care not to obstruct any gateways, leaving plenty of space for tractors with large trailers to manoeuvre.

Follow the track across the first field from the gate situated at ST 51534 57093, which is between Ubley Barn and Ubley Hill Farm. This field is effectively part of the garden of Ubley Barn and it is essential that the gates at both ends are shut. There is a right of access across the field and no need to obtain permission to use it.

The cave is located at ST 51963 567643 in the second field.

The entrance is not very visible and a GPS enabled device is useful to locate it. If the field is planted with a grass crop for hay it is essential to take a direct route to the entrance and avoid excessive damage to the grass. If the field is in use for grazing and animals are present, it will be necessary for one member of the party to remain on the surface to safeguard the entrance.

Proposals to aid in locating the entrance and securing the lid are under consideration.

WARNING. Please be aware that the section of cave from the bottom of the entrance shaft and the pitch into the Main Chamber, is of questionable stability and appropriate care must be taken. There is limited space at the head of the pitch which is fitted with resin anchors. The pitch is not suitable for SRT.

If anyone would like to volunteer to carry out some stabilisation work please get in contact.

Graham Price
Conservation & Access Officer
April 2022

Last modified 23rd Apr 2022.
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To maintain good relations with the landowners if the location is published the access information should also be published.