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This is the second largest underground quarry open to cavers and is part of a complex of passages beneath Farleigh Down, situated directly south east of Bathford. Most of the hillside is owned by Sir Charles Hobhouse and Friends of the Earth, but some areas are leased to the Avon Wildlife Trust (AWT). Historically at the request of Sir Charles Hobhouse access to Brown's Folly and all other sites on his land was controlled by the CSCC.

There is no access during the bat season (October to April inclusive)

AWT constructed a new entrance in 2002. Phone AWT on 01179-177270 for current access information via this entrance.

AWT have CLOSED all entrances on their land until further notice, pending a Mines Inspectors report.

For the latest situation or in case of difficulty contact the CSCC Conservation and Access Officer.

Last modified 23rd Apr 2020.
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