Hobnail Hole

ST 6037 4577


The cave is gated and fitted with the standard CSCC lock. Keys are held by CSCC member clubs. Keys are usually available for loan from one of the Mendip clubs with huts. These are BEC, CSS, MCG, MNRC, SMCC, and WCC. It is advisable to make arrangements in advance.

No known access restrictions.

Alternative entrance to Thrupe Lane Swallet.

Black Pot has a lot of chert nodules that may not be load bearing and may break off under load therefore do not rely upon them as secure foot and hand holds.
Please use a ladder for descending and ascending King Cobble Hall - walls, roof and boulders may not take too kindly to flailing feet thrashing around.
If a through trip from Thrupe Lane Swallet is planned, a ladder can be rigged down into King Cobble Hall in less than 30mins.

Last modified 21st Jul 2020.
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