Portland (Dorset)


See Portland.

The landowner has denied access to the cave. Negotiations are continuing, so please respect the landowners wishes.

This area contains Portland?s two longest caves, BLACKNOR HOLE and SANDY HOLE, and several large rift caves. Various public footpaths lead to the cliffs, but the nearest car park is in the south west corner of the housing estate. Enter the estate from the main road, via Westcliff Road (close to the pub and chip shop), at its end, turn left into Grangecroft Road, by the telephone kiosk, and follow the road to the car park alongside the playground. Recently this car park has sprouted a "Private Parking" sign. The local cavers say it is difficult to see what, if any, real authority this sign has, since locals have been visiting here for years. It is probably better to park well away from the flats and avoid being a nuisance.

A gate in the fence opens onto the cliff top meadows. Blacknor Fort is along the cliffs to the north. The Fort, directly above Blacknor Hole, and fronting the cave's entrance pitch, is a private dwelling. Ownership apparently extends to the cliff face itself, although a public path runs along the top.

Alternatively, walk to Blacknor along the track serving the old Fort, starting by the cemetery gates. It is marked "Private and Public Footpath" and must not be driven along.

WARNING: Cavers and Climbers on Portland, particularly at Westland, have had their ropes cut by vandals. If you cannot leave a sentry use a rigging technique that will not fail irretrievably under tampering.

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