East Surrey Mines


The Godstone Hearthstone Mines (Arch Mine, Godstone Main Series and Marden Mine) were originally worked for building stone and hearthstone and approximately 5 miles of workings are accessible today. Though more recently worked than the Merstham Quarries they are deteriorating faster. There have been a number of collapses in recent years.

The land is owned by Tandridge District. Access to the mine is permitted on an occasional basis, and access control has been devolved to Wealden Cave and Mine Society. Precise details of all members of any party wishing to visit the mine are required, along with disclaimers and proof of insurance.

Anyone wishing to visit or for further information please contact the Wealden Cave and Mine Society using the contact page WCM Contact Page and selecting "Access Request" in the drop down list.

The area is heavily overgrown and the entrance is difficult to locate, especially in summer. The sixteen metre shaft is capped and locked. A 50 foot ladder requires a short belay to ironwork at the top of the shaft.

The grid reference has been removed at the request of the WCMS.

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