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Access to Singing River Mine is available to all cavers with appropriate experience and who hold BCA insurance.

The entrance is located in a private garden and permission to visit the mine has been kindly granted by the householder subject to the arrangements set out below.

The following clubs administer access to the mine on behalf of CSCC and the landowner:

Bristol Exploration Club (email: caving[@]
Cerberus Spelaeological Society (email: srm[@]
Cheddar Caving Club (email: awaiting contact details)
Mendip Cave Research Committee (email: caving[@]
Mendip Caving Group (email: caving[@]
Shepton Mallet Caving Club (email: srm[@]
University of Bristol Speleological Society (email: singingrivermine[@]
Wessex Cave Club (email: caving[@]

The majority have premises on Mendip (see here for locations) for collection and return of keys.

Visits may be arranged through any of the above clubs subject to the following:

1. Dates are subject to availability - check availability on the SRM Online Calendar.
2. Only one booking per day is possible - if a date is unavailable please choose an alternative.
3. Bookings should be made as far in advance as possible and absolutely no later than 3 days before the planned visit.
4. A fee of £10 is payable upon booking - all fees are donated to 'Friends of Shipham School'.
5. Keys must be collected from and returned to the club that the visit has been arranged through, on the day of the visit.
6. All groups are limited to 6 persons.
7. Everyone must arrive and leave in caving kit - changing at the mine is not permitted.
7. Everyone must be out of the mine and left the property by 10:00 pm.
9. The entrance gate must be kept closed and locked during the visit.
10. The lock and key should only be operated with clean hands to avoid lock problems.
11. Problems with the lock should be reported to the key issuing club or the CSCC C&A Officer.
12. The route to the entrance is via the field gate to the right-hand side of the property (not the house itself as this gate leads to the patio). Enter the garden via the metal field gate further along the track and the entrance is on the far side of the garden.
13. Visiting parties are not required to call at the house.
14. The landowner reserves the right to cancel a visit at any time.
15. Where a visit is canceled by the landowner, the fee may be applied to an alternative booking.
16. Where a visit is canceled by the visiting group, the fee is default.
17. All visitors must have valid BCA Insurance, proof of which will be required on collection of the key.

It is important that everyone is well behaved, quiet, and respectful of the landowners. The mine is in their garden and they have young children who may be present in the garden at the time of the visit.

To arrange a visit, first check the SRM Online Calendar

The trip fee must be paid at the time of booking. Arrangements for payment should be made with the club.

Any problems should immediately be reported to the CSCC Conservation & Access Officer.

Graham Price
Conservation & Access Officer
Council of Southern Caving Clubs
April 2022

Last modified 12th May 2022.
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To maintain good relations with the landowners if the location is published the access information should also be published.